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LT Clarion 9054

Reg #: 19548517
Birth Date: 02/26/2019
Tattoo: 9054
Actual BW: 85
Adj WW: 796
WW Ratio: 112
Adj YW: 1,534
YW Ratio:
Actual SC:

Price Per Straw: $30
Price Per Certificate: $40

  • Impressive individual with added muscle and base width
  • Dam is an outstanding cow with 4 Calves @ 107 for WW and 109 for YW
  • Exhibits excellent feet and structural soundness
  • The power bull you’ve been looking for

Owned By Thiel Ranch and Turtle Creek Angus

*EPDs current 11/28/2023
Basin Rainmaker P175
Basin Rainmaker 2704
Basin Erica 7520 BV
Basin Rainmaker 4404
Basin Payweight 107S
Basin Joy 1036
Basin Joy 566T
Vision Unanimous 1418
S Foundation 514
S Lady Ann 8384
LT Forever Lady 7038
LT Challenger 3462
LT Forever Lady 5360
LT Forever Lady 0068

Clarion is an impressive individual from every angle.  He is a powerhouse with added muscle and base width.  He stands on near perfect feet.  His dam is a tremendous producer with 4 calves @ 107 for Weaning Weight and 109 for Yearling Weight. His first progeny are impressive and are standouts in their contemporary groups.  If you are looking to add some power back into your cowherd while maintaining excellent maternal genetics, Clarion is your bull.

Ty Dieter said: “Clarion is making his mark here at Turtle Creek Angus!  His calves are born jet black with moderate birth weights and a tremendous amount of thickness, depth of body and an attractive profile.  He has worked well in any mating we’ve put him in and has a very bright future in our operation!”

Clarion’s Dam- LT Forever Lady 7038

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